Oil Change June 22nd


1. What should you NOT use to clean up oil?


2. True/False. Every employee should know where the fire extinguishers are located and how to operate them.


3. True/False. Most accidents are caused by carelessness.


4. True/ False. Experience shows that the typical lube center can experience over a 100% increase in gross profit when customers purchase a synthetic blend oil instead of conventional oil.


5. An “Emergency Response Plan” identifies the correct:


6. The “Echo System” for communicating between technicians is mainly designed to impress customers. True/False


7. True/False. You have the choice of leaving the skid plate unsecured.


8. Where should you stand as the vehicle exits the bay?


9. True/False. Once the car is in park and the safety brake is set, the engine should be shut off to prevent carbon monoxide buildup.


10. True/False. Zip Ties should only be used as a LAST RESORT for securing a skid plate.


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