It is important to approach content with brand standards in mind. This can be adapted to our social media presence, marketing and even responding to reviews. Maintaining these brands will not only help grow your business, but will help grow the brand into a national symbol for quick lube destinations.

When using Costa Oil logos keep in mind our style guide detailing which fonts, hex codes for colors, and preapproved logos we have available to you. All customized logos and marketing materials should be first approved by Costa Oil Corporate before being circulated or posted on social media.

Here are a few guidelines in maintaining brand standards.

• Pay attention to internal branding and corporate culture:

Brand consistency isn’t just a customer-facing imperative. After you’ve taken time to cultivate a brand voice that will resonate with customers, the brand experience delivery has to match — that requires employee participation. Slapping your logo with a list of brand values on some posters throughout the workplace is not enough. You should attempt to get a marketing leader involved with any existing corporate culture-building initiatives. If there is no formal corporate culture program, you can partner with HR to get executive buy-in for establishing a brand-centric corporate culture initiative.

• Keep your brand’s tone and personality consistent across channels:

When communicating as the brand offline or via your website, social media profiles, or other online channels, it’s important to keep a consistent tone and personality. If your brand is fun and friendly on Twitter, it should have a similar flavor on Facebook and LinkedIn. Your messaging on LinkedIn may be less casual or more professional, but it shouldn’t sound like it’s coming from a different brand altogether. Think about it this way: There is the “at work” you and the “at home or with friends” you. Your personality is the same, but your mannerisms adjust to the context. The same goes for your brand personality and selected communication channels.

• Participate in platforms and channels that align with your brand’s identity and your prospects’ and customers’ preferences:

It’s easy to get distracted by each new online marketing trend and platform. It’s easy to be swayed by peer pressure, too: Everybody is on Facebook, my company should be too. Before following the crowd to an existing network or becoming an early adopter of a new platform or trend, evaluate the offering to determine whether or not it makes sense for your business.

Following these simple lessons will help your franchise stay on track and have an impact in your community and social media presence from day one.






Costa Oil Style Guide

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