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1. What is the easiest way to find the engine size of a vehicle?


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1. What are other types of motor oil? (Multiple Selections)


2. What is the majority of Motor Oil made of?


3. How Many Miles Should You Change Your Oil?


4. What Is Oil Viscosity?


5. What Does Motor Oil Do?


6. What Does SAE Stand For?


7. What Does The W In Motor Oil Grades Stand For?


8. What is Synthetic Oil?


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1. How many miles does the oil changer recommend the customer be back in, depending on the service they received?


2. What is the appropriate scenario to conduct a one car in audit?


3. Why is it important for the oil changer to go over the value statement?


4. How long should it take for the Upper Bay Oil Changer to check all the courtesy points?


5. What is the first thing you listen for in the One Car In Audit?


6. What is the purpose of the echo system?


7. When is the appropriate time to begin timing the service?